Earthsoulsky was created for everyone.
It is a healing space dedicated to your emotional wellness.

Here, I work as a therapist to address the root cause of what it is you are experiencing.

In the space I offer a range of healing modalities:

• Reiki (Energy Healing)
• Mind Body Medicine (Kinesiology and Felt-Sense Counselling)
• Liquid Crystal consultations
• Card readings
• First Time session (Perfect if you’re new and would prefer to have a chat to gain some guidance on what session would suit you best).

Some of the presenting issues I’ve worked with but not limited to are:

• Anxiety / Panic attacks
• Stress
• Fears / Phobias
• Insomnia
• Communication issues / trouble opening up
• Self worth / confidence issues
• Sadness / Grief
• Feeling disconnected / Lost
• Feeling stuck
• Relationship issues
• Emotional eating / over eating
• Root cause of physical issues (Pain, aches that won’t shift, reoccurring illnesses)

Why am I different?

Everything in our world and environment stems from energy thus I work with energy at the root of the issue to eliminate and shift the origin of the trauma or issue. You can read more about how I like to work by clicking here.


When you choose to dedicate
healing an aspect of yourself,
that first step speaks volumes in what will allow you
to take place within your healing.

When we allow ourselves to take the opportunity to
attempt something new or different, it may allow
for radical change on many levels.

I hope you allow yourself to begin
that journey sometime soon.

Welcome to Earthsoulsky, all are welcome here.