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FIONA marie miras

Welcome to a very special place.
A place I created from my heart in order to allow people to come back into themselves.

I don’t apply a book to you.
I apply you to you.

These sessions are unique
to every single person.

I apply what you’re telling me, what your energy tells me, what your words tell me, what your body tells me and what it is you need based on your unique make up.

This is healing.

Secondly, I want you to know that my doors are open to all of you - but only you can make the choice to step through them and in doing so, you’ve chosen the path of yourself, a path of true change.

I know the ones that do step into this space are ready. They are fed up with the same cycle that has been repeating itself.

They are fed up with how they are FEELING.


Earthsoulsky was created because I felt torn seeing people consumed in their own pain and heartache, feeling victimised, helpless and hopeless.
It was also painfully hard to see people repeating the same situation and lesson due to the fact they’d never integrated the lesson or learning behind why they continually were drawing in the same painful situations or recreating the same habitual patterns in their lives.

I could relate, because I was once there too.


No healer walks the path unscathed.

Growing up I had suffered from extreme phobias and also had my own set of hurdles to contend with. Ranging from deep anxiety and harrowing panic attacks, fears of sleeping alone due to phobias of the dark, relationship break downs due to self-worth and childhood abandonment issues, over indulging in things, including emotional eating to satisfy my inner pain.

What I came to realise whilst working through these phases of my life,
was that these 'dark/painful’ parts of me needed to be adorned in love.
They needed loving attention in a safe, therapeutic space in order to shift the pain.

These dark and painful parts of myself were akin to the small child begging out of pain for the attention it weren’t given in her youth. She felt unheard, unseen and misunderstood. The more light I shone upon these areas, the more they dissipated; which shows that it isn't about shedding the darkness, but rather embracing it and in turn a shift occurs and healing takes place.

This is where LIFE CHANGES.
It changes because I allowed the darkness (subconscious self) to be acknowledged by the light (conscious self).

It can be that simple.

Because I shifted internally, the world around me shifted too.


Because my wounded self wasn’t controlling my life - my healed self were.
In turn, life began to flow. I began to draw in the situations that reflected who I truly were, not the situations that were drawn towards me from my wounded self anymore.


Over time, trauma is stored within our energetic and emotional body. Without any outlet for this emotional pain or an emotionally traumatic event to be released; when a similar scenario appears, the pain stored within our body is triggered. These emotions, if left untreated, over time, begin to surface as physical pains in the body or as grief, as anxiety, anger, fear and so forth.  

We tend to blame those around us and wonder why we are constantly stuck in the same cycle and repeat situations. Primarily, it is because the root wound hasn't been dealt with so it continues to feed off what will trigger it.

Once this emotional and energetic trauma has been released, the situations that initially triggered you will have nothing to respond to anymore, as the root cause will have dissolved. This is when life begins to respond very differently around you. I have witnessed this not only amongst many clients but also within my own life. It truly is a remarkable experience to watch life change in such a beautiful way.

So, what can you do?

This is where I come in.
I am here to simply, take you back to you.
To heal, to grow and to wholly embrace yourself.

In my eyes and in my personal belief,
no one is ever too far gone. 

If you are willing to do the work, your willingness
is 50 percent of your healing work done.

The rest is a journey we will take together, in opening you up to places within yourself that are immensely beautiful, that no words could really express what is found there - this is something that can only be experienced.

Welcome to a special place,
where a big part of my heart will forever reside.

Welcome to Earthsoulsky.    




Double Diploma in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine
College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney

Certificate Reiki One
Tibetan Usui Method of Natural Healing
Sacred Keys, Melbourne

Certificate Reiki Two
Tibetan Usui Method of Natural Healing
Martine Salerno Reiki Centre, Melbourne

Liquid Crystals Practitioner Level One (completed twice)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia

Liquid Crystals Practitioner Advanced (completed twice)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia



Workshops / Seminars

Body Psychotherapy (Radix) - 2 day intensive
George Gintilas Elwood Centre for Wellbeing, Melbourne

Hakomi - Family Systems (3 day intensive)
Hakomi Institute of  Australia

Radix Body Psychotherapy (3 day intensive)
Radix Training Institute of Australia

Level One Practitioner (completed twice)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia

Practitioner Masterclass (6 day intensive)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia

Practitioner Advanced (4 day intensive)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia

Working with Shadow/Ego (3 day intensive)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia

Client centred work & Liquid Crystals (2 day intensive)
The Liquid Crystals, Australia

Hay House Seminar (3 day intensive)
Hay House Australia

Vispassana Silent Meditation Retreat (4 day intensive)
Odiyana Centre, Australia

Rebirthing Breathwork
Zeroum Law, Summer Healing, Australia

Mindful Meditation Classes 10 weeks
Body awareness / felt sense technique

George Gintilas Elwood Centre for Wellbeing, Melbourne

Tarot / Psychic Development Course 1 Year
Oracle Wisdom, Melbourne

Psychic Development Level 1
Mystic Dragon, Melbourne

Psychic Development Level 2 (currently undertaking)
Mystic Dragon, Melbourne