Reiki / Healing

Reiki is a gentle Japanese, hands-on energetic healing modality which channels Universal Life Force, 'Qi', in order to clear and shift energetic blockages, being physical ailments or emotional issues. I work with the seven chakras in the physical body as well as the auric body which holds our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 


We will briefly discuss what it is you are wanting to address and then you will be on the treatment bed for the duration of the session. Physically, it is less engaging, as you will be relaxed, eyes closed, fully clothed with a blanket over you and I will carry out the energy work for the remainder of the session. 

Crystals are worked with during the session and I also prepare a holistic Liquid Mineral remedy for you afterwards as part of your treatment. 


Reiki would benefit if you are:

• experiencing physical pain in the body
eg. lower back ache, reoccurring knee pain

• experiencing heavy emotions
eg. grief, anger, nervousness, fear, anxiety, depression, traumas, phobias

• feel off-centred and want to come back into yourself more

• overly stressed / purely needing to unwind, switch off and relax

• feel a sense of disconnect / or are lacking direction in life 


What you could expect after a session/s:

• Something that previously troubled you seems to
not affect you as deeply anymore.
Eg. Less reactive to situations in life, less pain in a trouble area of the body.

• More centred within yourself

• A greater sense of self awareness

• Clearer decision making / decisions made with ease

• Better and deeper sleep

• A sense of feeling more 'whole' and 'here'

• A sense of calm and stillness within 

Outcomes vary dependant on the client,
their situations and the presenting symptoms.


Duration:  1 hour

(Allow for 30 minutes quiet time after your session)

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Please note:
When booking, it is important that you give me the correct spelling and your authentic full name, including middle names, as stated on your birth certificate (if you are married, use your maiden name). I use this information to formulate a chart in order to govern where your energy is currently at.
If it is incorrect, your charts will not be accurate.