MIND BODY/kinesiology

Kinesiology works with your body's innate healing system by utilising a biofeedback method known as muscle monitoring; to work with the subconscious mind. This allows us to establish a healing pathway through the body by identifying imbalances and thus we can begin activating your natural internal healing system, which allows us to shift and diffuse the underlying root cause of the issue.

Whilst completing my Diploma of Kinesiology, I also opted to complete a Diploma of Mind Body Medicine. Kinesiology allows for an expansive pathway, which allows Mind Body Medicine to compliment it perfectly. The combination of these two modalities enables me to work with the meridians of the body, acupressure, body psychology, chakras, variations of counselling, felt sense theory and body awareness techniques within your session.

This allows us to work at deeper levels as we encompass the physical, emotional and energetic layers of the human body.

We will discuss what you are wanting to address and then you will lay on the treatment bed for the duration of the session, where we will work through different procedures by engaging in therapeutic techniques lead by myself. 

I also prepare a holistic Liquid Crystal remedy for you afterwards as part of your treatment. 


Kinesiology would benefit if you are:

• experiencing physical pain in the body

• weight issues / emotional eating 

• fatigue

• wanting to gain a deeper sense of direction in life

• feeling confused / unfocused

• experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, deep grief
or other deep long standing emotional issues

• sleeping issues / insomnia 

• issues revolving around self-love,
self-worth and self confidence 


What you could expect after a session/s:

• subtle changes in the way you had previously addressed issues your everyday living

• a sense of ease and stillness within

• less reactive to situations

• presenting symptoms begin to dissipate

• clearer mind, more focused and sharp

• simplified decision making

• a sense of feeling centred more often

• feeling more enlivened and content  

• deeper and more fulfilling sleep

Outcomes vary dependant on the client,
their situations and the presenting symptoms


Initial session: 1.5 hours
Following sessions:  1 hour

(Allow for 30 minutes quiet time after your session)

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Please note: 
When booking, it is important that you give me the correct spelling and your authentic full name, including middle names, as stated on your birth certificate (if you are married, use your maiden name). I use this information to formulate a chart in order to govern where your energy is currently at.
If it is incorrect, your charts will not be accurate.