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The Liquid Crystal remedies are the foundation to my business and are worked with across all my sessions.

They are a holistic mineral tonic and assist with facilitating change in your life on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.

During your Liquid Crystal Consultation, I will look at your mineral profile, unique to you and we will discuss your presenting issue. From here, I prepare the appropriate remedies for you.

The problem can stem from a physical issue (muscular, skeletal, skin, organs, pain, aches etc), emotional (grief, anxiety, phobias, self-worth, relationships) or psychological (over-thinking, racing mind).

They work on all seven of the major charkas and heavily dose the entire auric field, this allows for true change and re-direction with life altering results.

This would benefit if you are:

• Wanting to gain some clarity around the direction of your individual life path
• Feeling as though you’re not living your fullest potential
• Feel as though there’s 'more to life’ / something is missing
• Physical issues (muscular, skeletal, skin, organs, pain, aches - anything)
• Emotional issueas (grief, anxiety, phobias, self-worth, relationships)
• Mental issues (over-thinking, racing mind)


Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

These sessions can be done over the internet or in person.

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Please note:
When booking, it is important that you give me the correct spelling and your authentic full name, including middle names, as stated on your birth certificate (if you are married, use your maiden name). I use this information to formulate a chart in order to govern where your energy is currently at.
If it is incorrect, your charts will not be accurate.