Tarot sessions are perfect to assist those who are wanting to grasp what is happening in their lives. Tarot is reflective of your energy and gives you a guiding light in surrounding obstacles and situations, possibly how to approach these situations with a new perspective and gently navigate your way through them.

These sessions are done with traditional Tarot cards and you are welcome to take notes during the card reading to assist you.

This would benefit if you are:

• Wanting to understand what is happening for you at this period in your life

• Needing guidance or some direction with a decision

• Feeling stagnant or stuck


Duration: 45 minutes

These sessions can be done over the internet or in person.

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Please note: 
When booking, it is important that you give me the correct spelling and your authentic full name, including middle names, as stated on your birth certificate (if you are married, use your maiden name). I use this information to formulate a chart in order to govern where your energy is currently at.
If it is incorrect, your charts will not be accurate.